Monday, March 10, 2014

Answers in Genesis: The World of Animals Unit 4 Arthropods Lessons 20-26

Lesson 20 Invertebrates

I gave him a piece of string to show him the difference between vertebrates and invertebrates. 

Lesson 21 Arthropods

We made a bug out of a wine cork and 3 toothpicks broken in half.  Then, I rubbed it on a bar of soap.

When you put it in a bowl of cold water, the insect will skim the water.

Lesson 22 Insects
We made a dragonfly.

Lesson 23 Insect metamorphosis

1st he painted a piece of an egg carton and then we put it on a coffee filter.  This makes it a butterfly.

Then, put it inside a paper towel rod, now you have a cocoon.  When you pull it out, you go from a caterpillar to a butterfly.

Lesson 24 Arachnids

I gave him a piece of black construction paper and had him make a spider web.

Lesson 25 Crustaceans

Crab made with a cd.

Lesson 26 Myriapods