Saturday, February 8, 2014

Series: Bible in a Year with your kids week #19 FREE Activity Packet

  Welcome back to this week's Bible in a year with your kids!!  Can't believe we are up to 19 weeks!!  Hope everyone is still going strong!

Week 19 printables.

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Day 127 2 Samuel 13-15

     In 2 Samuel 13 we read about Ammon’s sin against his sister.  Absalom murders his brother Ammon for doing this and then flees to Geshur.
     In 2 Samuel 14, we see Joab found Absalom and brings him to David.
     In 2 Samuel 15, we see that Absalom was so vain he even wanted to be king.  He tried to turn the hearts of the Israelites against King David.  He set off riding in a chariot with 50 men ahead of him so the people thought he was an important prince.  The people really thought he was nice and looking at for them.  Absalom played a trick on his father.  The men who chose to follow Absalom, even the 200 men from David’s own court, were wicked men who hated God.  David fled with his wives, family, servants, and friends from Jerusalem.  David keeps the ark on Mt Zion.    He sent Hushai back to Absalom to pretend to be on Absalom’s side to give David an advantage.

Day 128 Psalm 3-4, 13, 28, 55

     Psalm 3 is a morning hymn.  We see David’s sadness since more and more of his people were turning against him. We see David’s help from God and how he washed him clean.  Then we see David’s peace from God during his sleep.
      Psalm 4 is an evening hymn.  We see David call for the Lord.  We see him talk to his enemies and then his gladness.
     In Psalm 13, the psalmist complains about the long withdraws God had.  He prays for comfort.
     Psalm 28 is a prayer in distress and thanksgiving for deliverance.
     Psalm 55 is a prayer to God to show his favor.  He is sure that God would appear to him in due time.

Day 129 2 Samuel 16-18
     In 2 Samuel 16 and 17, we see Hushai went to see Absalom and told him that he would follow the person who the people had chosen.   Hushai talks him out of following Ahithophel plan to defeat his father.  Hushai told him to get a huge army together and lead it himself.  God put it into their hearts to follow Hushai’s advice.    The news got to David and they crossed the Jordon River.
     In 2 Samuel 18 we see that Absalom is killed.  We see that David grieves for his son’s death.

Day 130 Psalm 26, 40-41, 58, 61-62, 64

     In Psalm 26 David touches on his integrity.
     Psalm 40 talks about Christ’s work of redemption and a prayer for mercy and grace.
     Psalm 41 Talks about David’s sickness and then about his victory. 
     In Psalm 58, wicked judges are described and a prayer that they may be destroyed.
     In Psalm 61, David seeks God out on a prior experience and vows to serve God.
     In Psalm 62, talks about not putting trust in worldly things.
     Psalm 64 is a prayer for deliverance and the destruction of the wicked.

Day 131 2 Samuel 19-21; Psalm 5, 38, 42

     In 2 Samuel 19, Joab scolded David for crying for Absalom.  David finally returns to Jerusalem and pardons his enemies.  Israel quarrels with Judah.
     In 2 Samuel 20, we see Amasa is killed by Jaob.  Sheba takes refuge in Abel and we see David’s officers.
     In 2 Samuel 21, we see how Rizpah cared for the bodies of Saul and his descendants.  More battles with the Philistines also are discussed.
     In Psalm 5, David gives God the glory.  He prayed that God would guide him and that he would give the Lord’s people joy and keep them safe.
     Psalm 38 talks about God’s displeasure at sin and the psalmist’s sufferings and prayers.
     Psalm 42 is about the conflict in the soul of a believer.

Day 132 2 Samuel 22-23; Psalm 57

     2 Samuel 22 is a psalm of thanksgiving from David.
     2 Samuel 23 is David’s last words and his mighty men.
     Psalm 57, David begins with prayer and complaint and concludes with joy and praise.

Day 133 No reading.



  1. Again...thanks for sharing on the Thursday Blog is so important that you do this for young moms!

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  4. I've started writing devotionals for my grown kids from using "The One Year Bible". I write on what sticks out to me in the reading for that day. Writing them makes me dig deeper, and whether or not they read them, I AM GROWING!

  5. What a great resource you have here! Young people desperately need God's word to bring guidance and stability to their lives. Visiting for the first time from #essentialfridays link up. Blessings :)

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