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Series: Bible in a Year with your kids week #33 FREE Activity Packet

     This is up a couple of days late, and I am so sorry!  I bit off more than I could chew the past few week and had forgotten to get the post up.

Week 33 Printables

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Day 225 Jeremiah 17-20

     Jeremiah 17 is the sixth message.
     Jeremiah 18-20 is the seventh message.

Day 226 Jeremiah 21-24

     Chapter 21 is the eighth message to Judah.
     Chapter 22 and 23 is the ninth message.
     Chapter 24 is the tenth message.

Day 227 Jeremiah 25-28

     Chapter 25 is the eleventh message.
     Chapter 26 is the twelfth message.
     Chapter 27 and 28 is the thirteen message.

Day 228 Jeremiah 29-32

     Chapter 29 is the fourteenth message.
     Chapters 30-33 is about the consolation to Judah.  Chapter 30 and 31 is what will be in the restoration.
     Chapter 32 is about faith in restoration.

Day 229 Jeremiah 33-37

     Chapter 33 is about the restoration.
     Chapter 34 is about through 44 is about the calamity on Judah.  Chapters 34-38 is before the fall of Judah.

Day 230 Jeremiah 38-40; Psalm 74, 79

     Chapter 39 is during the fall of Judah.
     Chapter 40-45 talks about after the fall of Judah.
     Psalm 74 is a plea for faith and petitions for deliverances.
     Psalm 79 talks about the horrible condition of the people and a petition for relief.

Day 231 no reading.


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