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Series: Bible in a Year with your kids week #28 FREE Activity Packet

Sorry this is up late.  I thought I had it scheduled, I forgot to hit publish!

     This week has been super busy for us here.  My husband had the week off for vacation.  We spent the week cutting and splitting about 12 cords of wood.  To say the least, we are exhausted!

Week 28 printables.

You can find out about the series HERE.

You can catch up with the series HERE.

Day 190  Isaiah 5-8

The first 12 chapters of Isaiah is about prophecies concerning Judah and Jerusalem.  These chapters talk again about Judah's social sins.  Starting in chapter 7-12, their political entanglements  are discussed.

Day 191 Isaiah 9-12

See above!

Day 192 Micah 1-4

     Chapter 1 discusses the wrath of God against Israel, Jerusalem, and other cities.
     Chapter 2 discusses the sins and evil practices of Israel and a promise of restoration.
     Chapter 3 talks about the cruelty of the princes, and the false prophets and how they bring about a false sense of security.
     Chapter 4 talks about how peace will come to the kingdom of Christ and the judgments that will come to Jerusalem and the final triumph of Israel.

Day 193  Micah 5-7

      Chapter 5 discusses the birth of Christ and Israel's triumphs.
      Chapter 6 talks about the controversy God has with Israel and the duties He requires.
      Chapter 7 talks about the promises for Israel and their triumph over enemies.

Day 194 2 Kings 16-17; 2 Chronicles 21
     2 Kings chapter 16 talks about the wicked reign of Ahaz in Judah.  It tells of how he used idols.
     2 Kings chapter 17 talks about the reign of Hoshea in Israel and how the Israelites were held by the Assyrians.
     2 Chronicles 21 talks about the wicked reign of Jehoram and his end.

Day 195 Isaiah 13-17

    Chapters 13-23 talk about judgement and salvation.  Chapter 13& 14 are about Babylon and Assyria.  Chapter 14 is also about Philistia.  Chapter 15 & 16 is about Moab.  Chapter 17 is about Syria and Israel.

Day 196 No reading.


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