Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Mystery of History Volume 1 Lessons 85-87

Lesson 85 Alexander the Great 

I gave him the book Draw Right Now #1  and draw the horse out of it.

Lesson 86 The Division of Alexander's Empire

I had him paint the Alpha sign and the Omega sign.  We discussed the verse.

Lesson 87 Archimedes and the Lighthouse of Alexandria

For this lesson we did Water Displacement as the book suggests.

Instead of everyone getting in the bath tub, I took 3 different sizes of Pyrex bowls.

Yep, they even had food in them!!

I put the masking tape in the sink and put water in it.  Then we marked where the water came up to at each bowl.  You need to do the biggest first!  We made the mistake and started with the smallest and our lines didn't last, so we had to start over!


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