Monday, April 14, 2014

Answers in Genesis: The Human Body Unit 2 Bones

Unit 2 Bones Lessons 4-6

For this unit, we talked about our 206 bones and name some of our bigger ones.  We talked about how we need lots of calcium to make our bones big and strong.

For this experiment, you need a cleaned up chicken bone, vinegar, and a bowl that you won't miss for a week!

Put the bone in the bowl and cover it with vinegar.

Check it each day.  See if you can tell if there is still calcium in the bone.

By day 4, ours was slightly bendable.

This was day 7.  The bone completely bends and is like rubber.  The vinegar eats the calcium in the bone and makes the bone like rubber.  This is why, calcium is so important for everyone to get!

I cut the into the bone with scissors so that he could look at the marrow.

We traced his body and he cut it out.

Then we cut out our skeleton and put it on top of our body.

You can find the skeleton here.
Go under activities/teacher resources, then
click on juvenile skeleton printer friendly.

I laminated it after we cut it for durability and then we taped it together.