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Series:Bible in a Year with your Kids Week #9-FREE Pack

Welcome to week 9 of reading the Bible with your kids in chronological order.  I hope you are enjoying it as much as we are!  We are still in Numbers this week.

If you want to catch up with the series please go to this page.

Day 57  Numbers 6-9

     Chapter 6 talks about the law concerning the Nazarites and the form of blessing of the people.
     Chapter 7 is about the offerings of the princes at the dedication of the tabernacle and of the alter.
     Chapter 8 talks about the lamps of the sanctuary and the consecration of the Levites and their service.
     Chapter 9 is about the passover and the removal of the Israelites.

Day 58  Numbers 10-13

     In chapter 10, we hear about the silver trumpets and the blessing pronounced by Moses.
     In chapter 11, we read about the burning at Taberah, Moses complains of his charge, elders appointed to divide the charge and flesh meat is provided.
     In chapter 12, God rebukes the murmuring of Aaron and Miriam and Miriam is struck with leprosy and healed at the prayer of Moses.
     In chapter 13, 12 men are sent to search the land of Canaan.

Day 59  Numbers 14-16

     Chapter 14 the people murmur at the account of the spies and Joshua and Caleb try to calm the people.  The murmurs are forbidden to enter the promise land, death of the evil spies.
     Chapter 15 the law of meat and drink offerings, the Sabbath breaker is stoned, and the law for fringes on garment.
     Chapter 16 the rebellion of Korah, Dathan, and Abiram.  Korah contends for being a priest.  The earth swallow up Dathan and Abiram.  The people murmur more and a plague is sent.

Day 60  Numbers 17-20

     In chapter 17, 12 rods are laid up before the Lord.  Aaron's rod buds and is kept.
     In chapter 18, we read about the priests' and the Levites' portions.
     In chapter 19, we read about the ashes of a heifer and the purification bu water.
     In chapter 20, the people come to Zin.  They murmur for water and Moses is directed to hit the rock.  The Israelites are refused passage through Edom.  Aaron reigns the priest's office to Eleazuar and dies on mount Hor.

Day 61  Numbers 21-24

     Chapter 21 talks about the people murmuring again and are plagued with fiery serpents.  They repent and are healed.
     Chapter 22 talks about Balak's fear of Israel and he sends for Balaam.
     Chapter 23 talks about Balaks sacrifice and Balaams blessing.
     Chapter 24 Balak dismisses Balaam in anger.

Day 62  Numbers 25-28

     In chapter 25, the Israelites are enticed by the daughters of Moab and Midian.  The Midianites are to be punished.
     In chapter 26, the Israelites and the Levites are counted.
     In chapter 27, the daughters of Zelophehad apply for an inheritance.  Moses is also warned of his death with Joshua appointed to succeed him.
     In chapter 28, the daily sacrifice and the offering on the Sabbath and new moon.

Day 63  No Reading


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