Sunday, November 24, 2013

Poppins Book Nook: The Donkey who Carried a King with a free activity packet and a GIVEAWAY

  This month for Poppins Book Nook the theme was animals.  I chose the book The Donkey who Carried a King by RC Sproul.

     This is another excellent book by R.C. Sproul.  In it he shows how Jesus humbled himself as a servant, saving God's chosen from their sins.  
     The story brings to life a donkey named Davey who was chosen for a very special task.  He was to carried Jesus into Jerusalem.  This made Davey very proud.  He thought that he would be a special donkey now and would only be chosen to do special jobs.  Davey got very upset when he was put to work doing everyday tasks.
     Just a few days after his special task, Davey witnessed Jesus carry his own cross.  Barnabas, another donkey in the story, helped Davey to see how Jesus was a being a servant.  This helped Davey to see that he needed to do whatever job he was given with a happy heart.
     This story makes me sad and happy.  It reminds me of how God sent his precious son Jesus to earth, to live a sin free life and die on a cross so that I may go to Heaven.  It reminds me also how we are here to serve God with all of our hearts.  It also reminds me that every happy, sad, hard, and easy moment that we walk through on earth, it brings God glory and allows me to serve Him who is on most high.

I made an activity packet to go along with this book.  You can download the Activity Packet here.

Pin the tail on the donkey!!


You need 2 clothes pin, a hot glue gun, a gray, and black marker.

Have them color the clothes pins gray.  Then add eyes and a nose with the black marker.

Then attach them together with the glue gun.

Finished project!

This would be a awesome book to read around Easter time.  

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