Thursday, November 28, 2013

Mystery of History Lessons 37-42

Lesson 37 Elisha Israel's Prophet

Experiments with oil and water

Lesson 38 Joel and Obadiah

Lesson 39 Homer

We didn't do anything extra for this lesson.

Lesson 40 India and Hinduism

For this lesson we did a Rangoli design.  You can find the picture here and directions here:

1st we colored our rice.

Then we put them in bowls and let them dry.

He put glue down where he wanted that particular color.

Finished project!

Lesson 41 The Olympic games

I did an experiment called fireworks in a glass.  You need a tall glass, warm water, oil, and food coloring.
1st you need to tall glass of warm water.
Next you will put some oil in another glass and add a little food coloring to it.
Mix up the oil and the food coloring.
Last, pour the oil mixture into the warm water and watch the fireworks!

Next, I gave him a canning lid and let him make himself a gold metal.

He said he got his gold medal in dog  training!!!

Lesson 42 Jonah and Amos

Fig Newtons!!