Saturday, November 16, 2013

Series: Bible in a Year with your Kids Week #7-FREE Pack

     I am praying all of you have had a blessed week!  We got to spend our week at home and getting caught up with school and with our Bible reading!   This week you will finish up Exodus and start Leviticus!

Week 7 printables.

If you want to catch up with us, start here!

Day 43  Exodus 29-32

     In chapter 29, we learn about the sacrifice and ceremony for the consecration  of the priests and the continual burnt offerings, with God's promise to dwell among Israel.
     In chapter 30, we read about the alter of incense, the brazen laver, the holy anointing oil, and the perfume.
     In chapter 31, Bezaleel and Aholiab are appointed and qualified for the work of the tabernacle.  Moses receives the tablets of the law.
     In chapter 32, the people cause Aaron to make a golden calf.  God is displeased and Moses intercedes breaking the 10 commandments and destroying the golden calf.

Day 44  Exodus 33-36

     In Chapter 33 we start with the Lord refusing to go to Israel and end with Moses desiring to see the glory of God.
     In chapter 34, The tables of the law are renewed.  It talks about the festivals and the vail of Moses.
     In chapter 35, we learn again about the sabbath being observed and the free gifts for the tabernacle.  Bezaleel and Aholiab are called to work.
     In chapter 36 starts the making of the tabernacle.

Day 45  Exodus 37-40

     In chapter 37 is about the making of the ark and the furniture of teh tabernacle.
     In chapter 38 we read about the alter, lavar, court, and the offerings of the people.
     In chapter 39 the priests garments are discussed and the tabernacle is completed.
     In chapter 40, the tabernacle is set up and Aaron and his sons are sanctified.  Moses performs all that God has directed him to and the glory of the Lord fills the tabernacle.

Day 46  Leviticus  1-4

     Chapter 1 discusses the offerings from the herds and flocks.
     Chapters 2-4 talks about the meat, grain, peace, and sin offerings.

Day 47  Leviticus 5-7

     In chapter 5, we read about various trespasses against the Lord.  Chapter 6 discusses trespasses against out neighbor and again reiterates the burnt, meat, and sin offerings.
     Chapter 7 concludes the offerings.

Day 48  Leviticus 8-10

     The consecration of Aaron and his sons and the offerings of the consecration are in chapter 8.  This leads into chapter 9 where the first offerings of Aaron for himself and the people are put on the alter and Moses and Aaron bless the people.
     In chapter 10, Nadab and Abihu die and Aaron and his sons are forbidden to mourn for them.

Day 49 No Reading

Blessings for your week!!

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