Monday, March 12, 2012

Review for the e-book: Finding Joy in Depression

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I was very excited to get to read this e-book.  It is by Amanda Pelser who also blogs at She was very kind to give me a copy of it to do a review.  It is being released today and it is a very good read. 
                The book takes you on 3 different approaches.  The first is to encourage you to take a faith step and admit and come forward if you are suffering from depression.  We would rather hide from it, which in turn, gets us even more lost.  We are afraid to come forward, afraid of what other people might think.  I know as a Christian woman, I have struggled with coming forward with it for years. I myself have struggled with dysthymia, just like Amanda, since my teen years.   It was refreshing to see another struggling Christian dealing with many of the things I find myself dealing with daily. 
The second approach is helping you to deal with depression.  There are several chapters on how to deal with depression.  Things like getting a good start to your day, which is the key to how your whole day will turn out.  I know for me, if I don’t get into the Bible or at least having pray time in the morning, my whole day seems disorganized.  In chapter 18 she writes, “The real importance of prayer in depression is relationship and attitude.  God is our comfort and that comes in talking and walking with Him.” 
The third approach she takes is how others can be supportive to someone who is suffering from depression and help them find joy.  Just by reading the book, you learn so much about depression and how people live their lives.  By doing this, you learn how to help them achieve joy!
This e-book is a great read.  You will learn so much from it, whether helping you deal with depression, how your body and mind work through it, or just how to be a better friend to someone who may be suffering from depression.  Head on over to her blog and buy it today!  Also, while there, check out her blog.  She has a lot of uplifting Christian ideas and regularly does Christian book studies.

Blessings!!  And may you find joy in everything that you do!!

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  1. So glad you found the book helpful. Thank you for your review and for creating an environment where depression can be talked about openly!