Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Kids in the Word Wednesday: The Last Supper

Tonight lesson will be on the last supper.  The lesson notes can be found here:

While I am going through the lesson, I will be having them color the sheets that will go along with their craft.  The craft I am doing can be found here:  
I am not a catholic, but some of her things are really cute!

Our pastor will be coming down and doing communion with the kids also.  My son does it weekly with us, but I don't think the other kids get to.  God really put it on my heart to have our pastor do it and he agreed!  The kids should be happy with that, they LOVE our pastor!!

After doing the lesson and the craft I will do the game Remember Relay if we still have time.
           Have the kids sit down in 2 rows a few feet apart.  Whisper a phrase to the 1st one in each row. 
           Have them whisper it to the person next to them and so on.  The last person who hears the message 
           stands up and repeats what he has heard.  Then you tell them the original phrase and see how far off 
           they are.  The best one that matches wins!  That person now becomes the first person in the row.  
           Play at least one time through.

Enjoy and blessings!!

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