Thursday, March 1, 2012

1,000 gifts-February

76. T-shirt and flip flops in February.
77. Forced naptime!
78. bedtime
79. 100th day of school
80. Disney on Ice tickets
81. no migraine
82.  VIP parking
83. fixing my grandma's record player
84. John Denver and the Beach Boys
85. catching Conner dancing and playing an "Air" guitar to Surfin Safari
86.  Receiving a butchers block for free
87.  Finishing my cabinet
88.  Sanding the top of the butcher's block for an hour and seeing the beautiful wood underneath all the stains
89. Bacon crackling in the skillet
90. ordering garden seeds
91. homemade pizza
92. flannel sheets
93. and old dog finding her puppy years in freshly fallen snow
94. snow dripping off the roof as it melts
95. running water
96. wonderfully nice customer service.
97. crockpots
98. help with shoveling snow
99. grain grinder completely set up
100. grinding 12 cups of flour in under 30 minutes
101. homemade granola
102. good music
103. clean laundry
104. week off school
105. an awesome boss
106. long sleeved t-shirts
107. Art Chrisman being told that he is now free of lung cancer
108. getting garden seeds in the mail
109. a good read
110. snuggling on the couch with Conner and Katie
111. new cabinet hardware in the mail.
112. Brats cooked over an open fire
113. shot of torodol
114. a child's hug
115. We made the list!!! (adoption waiting list)
116. the movie "Courageous"
117. homemade cookies
118. prayer
119. my son's strength
120. finding the bottom in a pile of paperwork
121. fried taters
122. darned socks
123. junk drawer finally organized
124. Conner telling me my lip was broke! ( it was cracked)
125. Brussel sprouts poking through the dirt
126. a momma red bird on the deck watching me
127. lunch date with my little man
128. thick blankets
129. old friends
130. cancelled sales call on an already packed day!
131. tacos
132. not a cloud in the sky
133. Conner's love for art
134. movie time
135. Yellow crocus
136. a child's imagination
137. day old popcorn
138. an extra day this month
139. hot fudge cakes
140. coupons

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