Sunday, January 3, 2016

DIY : Valentine's Day countdown

This cutie helped me make a Valentine's Day Countdown!  Was some great mother/son time!

All you need is some scrap lumber, heart template, and a couple of 2-3 inch round tree cut, dried tree branch pieces.

First, you want to cut the tree branch pieces.  I made ours about 1 inch thick.  You will need 14 of them!

Then, I spray painted half of them pink and half of them purple.  It took a couple of coats.

While I was painting, He traced our template onto a piece of 3/4 inch plywood.

I then cut it out.

I had him use the file and clean up all the edges.

Then we spray painted it red.

The frame stand I made was out of thicker board of pallet wood.  

I used a drill bit then to put holes in the painted wood circles and then placed them around the heart.

The holes were bigger than my nail heads, so I hammered them in while they were placed around the heart.

After that was done, I attached the heart to my stand.

I then painted the numbers on the hearts and the verse on the heart.  Then I sprayed each one of them with some clear coat.


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