Friday, January 29, 2016

Art History Month #4: Claude Monet

Welcome back to this month's adventure into our Art History!  This month we did Claude Monet!

Week 1 we read

Claude Monet
by Catherine Nichols

For this project, he used his fingers.  He taped off the bridge 1st and then went about filling in all the open spaces.

Week 2 we read

Claude Monet
by Adam Klein

This project was found here.

Week #3 we read

Claude Monet The Painter who Stopped the Trains
by P.I. Maltbie

For this weeks project, I rolled up some tissue paper in a sorta flower like shape.  He then dipped them in paint and stamped them on the paper.  After drying, I put blue paint along the one side of the paper and he used a ruler to drag it across the paper.

Sorta looks like water lilies!?!

Week #4 we read

Claude Monet
by Mike Venzia

For this project I had him use chalk pastels.  These are becoming a new favorite in our home!


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