Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Mystery of History Volume 2 Lessons 28-30 and Camel Science!!

Lesson 28  The Sui and Tang Dynasties of China
 He wanted to make the Chinese dragon for their New Year out of legos!

We didn't get to it, but a book for this lesson would be Day of the Dragon King by Mary Pope Osbourne

Lesson 29  Mohammed and the Birth of Islam

For this lesson we talked about how Camels can walk on sand without sinking!  You will need a bowl with sand and 2 pieces of card board circles cut out.  One in the shape of a dime and the other about 2 inches around.

First, have them walk across the sand.  See how our feed would sink.

Now try it with shoes on!

(He pushed down on it with a pencil eraser.)  We still would sink.

Now, if we put on even bigger shoes,we won't sink.  This is why camels have feet as large as a plate!  They don't sink in the sand.  this allows them to carry big loads and not sink in the sand like an automobile would!

We didn't get to this book yet either, but Seasons of the Sandstorm by Mary Pope Osbourne is on my list for this lesson.

Lesson 30   The Spread of Islam

Looking for flags of Islam today.

We read the book
Saladin: A Noble Prince of Islam
by Diane Stanley



  1. The camel activity looks fun - it's amazing how they are perfectly adapted for their desert environment.