Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Mystery of History Volume 2 Lessons 16-18

Lesson 16: The Maya

1st we read the book:
 Kids During the Time of the Maya
by Caroline Levchuck

Then, he built a Mayan Temple.

Lesson 17: St. Augustine of Hippo

We read the book:

Augustine of Hippo
by Simonetta Carr

For this lesson, we talked about building our faith on rock, not on sand.  I did the following object lesson:
                                2 tubs
                                Rock or brick
                                Water in a pitcher
                                Rubber band
                                House built out of legos
                Make sure you attach the house on the stone with a rubber band!

They should have a blast pouring water on them.  I used a brick for my 1st house since I couldn't find a large, flat rock in our driveway!

Lesson 18: The Holy Bible and the Vulgate by Jerome 

We read the book:

St. Jerome and the Lion
by Margaret Hodges


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  1. They look like some good books! You know how I like books and hands-on.

  2. We went to the "Passages" museum, and they had quite a bit about Jerome and how he translated the Bible, it was really interesting to find out about.