Monday, October 7, 2013

Mystery of History Lessons 31-33

Finally!!  I am getting caught up!!  Now to stay caught up with posting!!

Lesson 31 King Saul

For this lesson, I took a piece of paper and wrote Samuel anoints Saul across the top.

Yes, I now see my typos :(  Sorry!

I had him draw Saul with big ears, since he should have listened to God better.  Then I had him anoint Saul using some olive oil.

Lesson 32 David

We have done so much with David in the past, it was hard to find something new to do!  I ended up cutting a 'y' out of a dead tree branch, then using a rubber band and making a sling shot.

He got his 5 stones and set out to give it a try!

Perfect thing for a boy to do, put not too powerful that you have to worry about him damaging anything or hitting an animal!

Lesson 33 Solomon

I sent Conner in to make a temple out of his Legos.  What happens when you leave a 6 year old unattended with Legos, he makes more than he needed!!

The one on the left is the temple.  The one on the right is the hotel where people stay when they get tired!  He even decorated it with flowers, bushes, and trees!

Well, another awesome week with Mystery of History!!  Stay tuned for next weeks adventures!!



  1. These are some great examples for your lessons. I like the slingshot so that you can see what it must have been like and place yourself in the time of the lesson. And then you use Legos, never a bad idea in our house :-) Thank you for sharing and for linking up this week to the Thoughtful Spot Weekly Blog Hop :-)

  2. I so love the slingshot idea! I bet it drove home the point of how difficult it would have been to slay Goliath if it were not for God's help! Beautiful, powerful & rememberable lesson. I was your neighbor this morning at Wisdom Wed.

  3. Wonderful ideas! So glad you are sharing and hope to read more Mystery of the History posts. We are just starting this curriculum and I plan on using it for two years since my daughter is so young. Love seeing hands-on activities that we can utilize.