Friday, March 22, 2013

Making Homemade Vanilla Extract

Materials:     1 qt vodka
                    1 qt mason jar empty and cleaned
                    24 vanilla beans (I used organic)

First you will cut the vanilla beans in half, leaving the top 1/2 inch uncut.
Put all the beans in the mason jar.

Add the vodka.  You will then sit it in a dark spot and leave it sit for 4-6 months.

Take the vanilla once completed and put it in amber jars to use for baking.

It was well worth the wait!!  Tasted so yummy.  I let mine steep for 5 months and it was perfect.

I put another quart of vodka in with my vanilla beans to see if I can get another batch out of it, so we will see!!  I figure I have enough vanilla to last a year, so it can steep that entire time.