Friday, March 8, 2013


This week we rowed the book Lentil by Robert McClosky.  We really enjoyed the book!


I let him make the town out of his legos. 

He used mama bear to play the part of Lentil!

Coloring his picture of Ohio.

I gave him a charcoal pencil to make a drawing of his chose, just like the book. 

Letting him use his finger to smear it around.

Of course we had to try some lemons!!

He liked them!!

I got the harmonica out and we practiced playing some notes on it!  He really loved this part!  

I don't remember where I found this page at online.  I had him use his do-a-dot markers, and then gave him some gold stickers for the stars.

Of course we did many other things with this row, but these were the ideas that were my own so I thought I would share these!!


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  1. Lentil's one of our favourites from FIAR! Looks like you both enjoyed it too.