Friday, December 18, 2015

Art History month #3: Jackson Pollock

Welcome back to month 3 of our Art History Series.  This month we dove into Jackson Pollock.  Neither one of us are very fond of his artwork, but other people seem to like it.

Week 1 we read:

Jackson Pollock
by Joanne Mattern

Our first project was to take paint bottles and squirt them onto a large sheet of paper.

Make sure they fill the paper up!!  After that, add some nails or other items to it as Jackson Pollock was known for that!

Ours even has some soap shavings on it!!

Week #2 we read:

Jackson Pollock
by Leonie Bennett

You need a shoe box, rubber bands, and paint!

Finished project:

Week #3 we read

Action Jackson
by Jan Greenberg

Our project was to use a shoe box and several marbles coated in various colors of paints.

Week #4 we read

(forgot picture!)

Jackson Pollock
by Mike Venzia

I had him use a string and and put several different colors of paint on it and put it all over his paper.

Stay tuned for next month when we study Claude Monet!


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