Thursday, September 17, 2015

Earthquakes and plate tectonics

by Franklyn Branley

Our next installment in Answers in Genesis Earth is on Earthquakes and plate tectonics.

The joys of crackers with peanut butter!!  First we showed the cracker  being broke and going under the other.  Of course, then he ate it!!

Then we slid the two beside each other.

Experiment #2  How underground rock formations affect how earthquake waves are transmitted.

 Tie a string around a fork, hold the string ends by your ear.

Hit the fork with another utensil.

The vibration sound is really cool!!

This experiment was made by filling a canning jar with water and taping a marker around it so that it can touch the paper.  Pull on the paper.  It will make markings simulating the seismograph.

This experiment turning out much better.  We used a box and attached a string to a pen and taped it to the outside of the box.  Then we put play doh around the tip of the pen and placed a paper in the box.

Upon taping the box, the seismograph (pen) will make markings on the paper.


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