Monday, July 16, 2012

1st day of kindergarten!!

1st day of kindergarten was today!!  He did awesome!  I was afraid he would get tired of doing school for so long (2 and a half hours), but he really done well!

Our curriculum for the year consists of
Calendar notebook
Positive Action for Christ - kindergarten
Horizons math and Math-U-See Primer
Various Kumon books and mazes
All About Spelling level 1
All About Reading Level 1
Five in a Row Volume 1 including the Christian addition- in the afternoon
Various Art lessons from Deep Space Sparkle
Kindergarten art program from Home Art Studio
Elemental Science for Kindergarten
Horizons Kindergarten Health
Language Lessons for Little Ones #2
Critical Thinking books:
 –we are still finishing this up from pre K before we move on to:
1+1+1=1 Sight word program

Seems like a lot, but it is being spread out throughout the year along with various other studies, crafts, and projects!