Monday, September 12, 2011

First 3 weeks of school

These first few weeks of school has just flown by! Conner is having a lot of fun learning and making great strides! Even the dog has enjoyed us being home since I quit my job.

Some of the things we have been doing:

Our letters from Totally Tots

Pages for his alphabet art book.  A: apples with an ink pad
                                                  B: Blue finger paint, band aids, and blue ribbon
                                                  C: cotton ball painting and car tracks with an ink pad
                                                  D: Dots with a marker, stickers of dragonflies and dogs

Bible numbers  1: Parable of the lost coin Luke 15:8-10
                       2: Esau & Jacob Genesis 25:24-28
                       3: 3 wisemen Matthew 2:1-11

Bible stories: Abraham, Jesus walks on water, the burning furnace, and what Heaven might look like.

Doing a picture of the planets with crayons and then using 1/4 c epsom salts and 1/4 c warm water to paint over the picture to make it look like stars.

Triangle collage and our sun with hands as the rays!

All in all a great first three weeks! Was worried when God led me down this path, but went for it and with His guidance I can say it has worked out!! God is soooo good!

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